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macOS Prime

Inspired by so many dot-file repositories, macOS prime is a comprehensive automated Mac setup script. This includes not only dotfiles, but also macOS system preferences, applications/packages, and a unified hosts compiler.


When I found the famous dotfiles repo made by Mathias Bynens, I merged it with my own. Since then, I have gone through every file to completely customize the set. I also created this Bash prompt to match a popular theme called Dracula. Dotfiles is home to so many great presets including .aliases, .functions, .gitconfig, .ssh, .gnupg, and many more!

macOS Preferences

The .macos file keeps many system preferences that can be applied in Terminal without using the System Preferences GUI. It covers everything including computer name, file ownership, general UI/UX (like sounds effects and menubar icons); trackpad, mouse, keyboard, and input settings; display, screen saver, and screenshot settings; finder defaults for icon size, recent item lists, new window location, animations, extensions, etc.; Dock, Dashboard, and hot corner presets; Safari presets for better privacy, security, and development; and several other tweaks throughout macOS that make my experience the way I want it to be. For a full detailed list, just check it out.


The applications directory holds install commands for nearly every app and development package that I need. There's a separate file for Brew, Composer, RubyGems, MAS, NPM, PIP, and Yarn. I update these files regularly as I find new applications and packages that I can't live without.


Hosts in macOS Prime is essentially this hosts project. I read the documentation thoroughly and figured out the cleanest way to implement it. Thankfully, Steven Black designed his hosts project with a lot of options. You can generate your own hosts file based on categories.

If you have any interest in forking this for yourself, I highly recommend modifying every file or else you'll likely end up with a setup that you hate. This is not a standard Mac environment by any means, so please use with caution!