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Barclay College

I have been employed by Barclay College full-time since the summer of 2012. At Barclay, I have created, tested, and maintained multiple websites, an API, and web servers. I made them a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android. I have coded a hand full of custom web apps and forms. Additionally, I have created a myriad of publications for many of the college's marketing materials including newsletters, magazines, banners, postcards, brochures, and emails.

8 Websites

I have completely redesigned the institution's main website five times, each with a different content management system. Why so many times? My superiors wanted a fresh look every few years. When I changed the design, I took the liberty of rebuilding the site with a different framework. I've used Bootstrap on every design, though. The most recent version uses a Jekyll copycat static site generator written in JavaScript. If I ever remake the site again, I would use Grav in conjunction with my SSG plugin called Blackhole.

I made a brief website version history (the first one I made was in 2009), which provides keywords alongside images showing each design. I also created their athletics website (with customized WordPress plugins). On top of that, I have installed two other WordPress sites. One for news (used for data storage and to provide wysiwyg editing for content creators) and one for a job board.


In the API that I designed and created for the school, all of the aforementioned websites have JSON feeds that are cached daily. Other items in the API include YouTube videos, a Facebook timeline, tweets, a verse of the day, academic programs, Google Calendar events, course data from Populi, and more. Working on the API was one of my favorite things, as there were so many different avenues to unite into one flowing stream of information that I could then use in the different developments for the school.

Mobile App

One such development that uses the API is the school's mobile app. I used Ionic Framework as a backbone. It combines a variety of news feeds, schedules, and directory information from the API, providing an easy to access set of information for everyone.

Web Apps

Student Application

There are two web apps that I created for Barclay in PHP. One is a multi-page application form with several requested custom features such as a "save and continue" button, which will automatically send an email to prospective students who want to continue later and have already provided their email address. Every new application autogenerates a username and password, which allows users to come back to the application and continue. The whole project is built on Bootstrap 4 and was carefully crafted to work well on mobile devices. Applications are stored as JSON above the root web folder. They can only be accessed with a matching password (which is SHA1 encoded).

Student Learning Portfolio

The other web app I made for Barclay is called the Student Learning Portfolio (SLP). There's a student side and an advisor side. Basically, after logging in with a school account, students can submit assignments to their SLP. Advisors will see submissions and can choose whether or not to accept it. With each action, they are able to leave comments to explain what's going on. Students can also delete submissions, download previously submitted work, or download their entire SLP as a Zip archive. At the top in the header is an ID card showing their photo, and basic information regarding their submissions. The entire web app was built on Bootstrap 4. The database being used is MSSQL. I would have chosen mySQL, but there was already an existing database, so I had to connect every action with the old database. This enabled a seamless transition to the new web app.